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Q0 years of history, the network network of every country in the world, relief and reliance, world peace, etc
Direction, etc which are considering processing of a bulky garbage people with elegance to sell
An estimate, introduction of a reference, etc
Corporate introduction, LINK
It is mainly a thing required for everyday life about a precious curio, and the collection item and work of art of every country in the world.
Various elegance, such as a personal computer of the newest spec. and peripheral equipment, is arranged and sold.

The staff of our company which knew all the elegance in the world acquisition
I will carry out a business trip estimate for nothing [ national / Japan ], and will buy with a world Kazutaka frame.
An inquiry, E-mail
Acquisition, bulky garbage processing
A time plate, tea-things, an old book, bronze, armor, ukiyoe, pictures, Western curio furniture, etc
Furniture, interior design, a clock, tableware, a toy, a game machine, a folkcraft article, etc
A personal computer, a digital camera, an audio, television, a refrigerator, a washing machine, etc
Home electtonics
Life miscellaneous goods
Since 1991
Corporate introduction
Life miscellaneous goods
Home electronics
Refuse disposal
Corporate introduction and LINK
Acquisition and refuse disposal
An inquiry and E-mail
Home electronics
Life miscellaneous goods
Welcome to a recycle shop "ABYTOKYO"!
Our company is performing sale of a used article and acquisition of a disused article.